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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who should I tell first ? How do I get a job?

So 9 months ago I started my first job waitressing at a restaurant. I was a virgin then I met the store manager. He gave me what I thought was the best sex every until then I never understood why people made such a big deal about s@X. He said it was not fair to the other employees for me to work there so I moved in with him and became a stay at home GF.

One day his best friend stop by to give my BF something, my BF was at work we had the best s@x every it blew my mind then he started coming over every day before Dr. Phil. When my BF was at work.

Well the sink broke so my BF called his nephew to fix the sink. We had the most mind boggling S@X ever. He even went down on me first I was scared but then it felt good. I think because his nephew was close to my age and 20 years younger then my bf , he had sooo much more energy. So for the last 10 weeks or so his nephew would stop over 4 days a week after Regis

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