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Thursday, July 22, 2010


also do you like the name for a dog? It would be for a boy ?
It could be either male or female, but it doesn

How much would you spend on a 3 year olds birthday (presents)?

Taking into consideration we will be going away for the day (not sure where, possibly a zoo, safari park, or something like that, so that will cost 50-75)... We are not having an actual birthday party, but anyone who wants to come with us to celebrate her birthday is welcome...
Shes going to love the day out and having a day all about her, shes never going to worry about how much you spend! just a teddy or doll or a dress up outfit would prob make her just as happy as spending hundreds of pounds on her! she doesn

My girlfriend gets raped by her cousin?

My girlfriend is 15 and i

Help! i need names for a book!?

i need seven names for book!! 4 need to be guy names and 3 girls...!!

first middle and last names please!!(: and i like unique names!!(:

btw its something for a class im taking next year!!(:
Guy 1 --- Dalton Elijah Freeman or Levi Kenton Rhodes

Guy 2 --- Gordon Lucas Freeman or Bennett Jackson Rhodes

Guy 3 --- Tristan Carter Montgomery or Jensen Tyler Webb

Guy 4 --- Miles Nathaniel Crawford or Carson Elliott Bridger

Girl 1 --- Meredith Felicity Brewer or Geneva Caroline Bradley

Girl 2 --- Elodie Claire Steele or Ariel Selene Davenport

Girl 3 --- Keeley Marissa Porter or Noelle Raina Hensley

Good luck with your book! :)
Could you add a small description of their personalities so I could relate to the names a little more?


Name this beautiful family! FUN?

Meet the Dunn Family. Name each of them. (First and middle names) Follow the instructions (for the children):


1st child (12):

(First name- A noun. Ex: Lily)

(Middle name- Ends in A)

2nd child (10):

(First name- Has to do with nature. Ex: Forest)

(Middle name- Starts with E)

3rd child (5):

(First name- A gem. Ex: Ruby)

(Middle name- A month or day. Ex: January / Tuesday)


What do you think of these baby names?


Bentley Elizabeth

Isabella Naomi

Charlotte Marie

Mathilda Jane

Alyce Dakota


Elliot Douglas

Dallas Alexander

Carter John

Xavier James

Kellan Daniel

Bentley Elizabeth - It

We have had a trip planned to NC from NJ, The baby will be 2-3 months....?

Is it safe for such a young baby to be in the car for that long car ride, or should we plan it for next year instead.

Im due in December, and We plan to go see NC in Feb (Its where we would like to move in a few years)
Yes it

Is it possible for me to get pregnant?

I haven

My almost 1 year old wont eat the gerber puffs!?

My lil guy is almost a year old, he wont eat the gerber puffs. The only thing he will eat is certain baby food and his bottle. Hardly will drink juice or water either. Any tips and or advice?
My daughter was the same way. It was due to teething, she only wanted soft 2



Would this make me a good lover?

I am 18, and have never had sex. However, I could have had sex before on various different occasions and girls seem to think I am attractive, including one specific girl I know, who admitted to me that she wanted to really have sex with me, but was embarrassed to tell me. She now has a boyfriend, so she is out of the picture. But anyway, when I have sex, I will care a lot about pleasuring the girl and I would do everything to give her an orgasm and would not mind using my mouth to do it. It would turn me on to see the girl getting pleasured and I would care more about pleasing her than myself. I would also like to kiss the girl passionately all over her body (especially her breasts) and to cuddle after, not fall asleep like some guys do. I don

Whats the most Ghetto name you have ever heard of?

when i worked at this camp this summer i heard all kind of things!!

these are just two.! [couldnt remember how to spell the rest]

heard any more?


Cora,Nora,Dora or Lora?

Someone posted this question some weeks ago,but a few people answered.

if you had to choose between one of them,which one would you choose?

Cora Nora Dora Lora?

Nora(: it

Your opinion on the

For one, do you let your kids believe in the tooth fairy? If not, why?? If so, until what age? How much per tooth? Does the amount change with the age of the child? When the child no longer believes in the tooth fairy would you still place money under their pillow at night? If yes, Is it the amount the same as when they still believed?
This is going to sound odd... but I had never even heard of

A 4 year old to clean up her own pee?

Hi Im an aunty living with my niece and my sister (the nieces mum) and I have a problem

My sister has NEVER potty trained my niece who is now 4 years old! (well shes tried to potty train her only over the last year!)

Ive no kids and of course every kid is different but dont mothers usually potty train at 2 and a half years old?!

My problem is Im not happy and unsure if telling a 4 year old girl to clean up her own pee! is ok?

is that not wrong!!

Considering her mother is the one at fault for NOT potty training her when she was 2 and a half? and also just relying on the teachers to do it!! then suddenly out of the blue this year only on and off expecting her daughter to know exactly what to do!!! with not being consistent!! and then to get her to clean up her own pee - cruel?
My daughter was using the potty by 20 months, so your sister is just a lazy mother.

You can encourage your niece to use the toilet - skip the potty stage, just go right to the toilet. Let her go in the bathroom when you go, kids learn by observation - she should not have to clean up her own urine if she doesn

Should I help her get birth control?

This is the situation. My best friend of 30 years has a 16 year old daughter. She

WDYT of these names? [boy girl]?

Ethan Michael Hunter.

Noah Riley Gabriel.

Leah Ruby Annabelle .

Serena Lily Isobel.

WDYT? Do they flow nicely or are they choppy?

{I know a lot of people don

What do you think of, Rate, these combinations?


Ace Tanner

Brandt Sullivan

Cam Douglas

Dane Christian

Flint Michael

Giles Xavier

Kerr Preston

Lee Emmett

Neil Vincent

Pierce Bradley


Anne Serenity

Blythe Genevieve

Claire Annabelle

Faye Elise

Jade Miranda

Kim Cassandra

Lynn Harper

Paige Amara

Rose Emily

Shea Lillian
For the boys I love the names Dane Christian,Ace Tanner

How did the stork become associated with babies?

The Greeks noted that storks tended to return to the same nests year after year, and that the birds also devoted a great deal of time to raising their young. Over time, the belief that storks were exemplary parents began to arise, making the first link between storks and babies. After all, if storks were so good at raising their own young, surely they would be skilled at handling human infants!

Although Greek culture may have faded, the associations between storks and parenting continued to be strong in many parts of Europe. In Northern Europe, where storks appear in the spring after wintering in warmer climes, storks were thought of as messengers of spring and fertility. The birds also happened to show up right around the same that major fertility festivals were held, and people came to associate the coming of storks with parties and the conception of babies.

The European White Stork also happens to be famous for nesting on rooftops, which contributed the next piece of the puzzle. People came to believe that having a stork nest on the roof was good luck, and legends about storks dropping babies down the chimney came to abound. Northern Europeans believed that the more storks in town, the more babies there would be, and this legend continues to endure in some regions.

The image of a kindly stork carrying an infant to expecting parents became very popular in the Victorian era, when many people developed a prudish attitude to childbirth and the facts of life. Rather than giving children the gory details, parents would simply inform them that a stork had brought their new brother or sister, and in fact some Victorian wits used this as a comic device, with baby-laden storks pursuing young single women down the street in fanciful postcards.

Today, most people accept that storks are not actually responsible for the appearance of babies, or for fertility rates. However, the association between storks and babies continues to endure, as does the evasive response the stork brought you to curious children.
Because storks used to kidnap babies and eat them.
Storks are very migratory and predicatble birds. They leave northern Europe in fall for Africa and return every year in late March and early April.

The summer solstice occurs on June 21st. The summer solstice (the longest day of the year) was a major European holiday well celebrated with festivals, weddings and lots of drinking.

As many of us know... weddings and festive drinking often leads to having sex.

Now if you do the math....

June 21st, July, August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March 21st..... 9 months late March, early April..... When the storks start arriving..... See where I

How can i persuade my boyfriend to have a baby?

i am 21 and so is my boyfriend. we have been together for nearly 3 years. we both have a decent income and we both have our own place together. having a baby is what i would like most in my life. we have spoke about it and yet again he is another fella that says he is not ready. i show him a lot of dedication and devotion and support. he says he will do anything to make me happy and he knows having a baby will make me happy but he still says he is not ready. i respect that. i understand the time, cost, hard-work and dedication it takes to bring up a child and the fact a child is for life however, i cant seem to make the idea sound good for him. he once told me he never wants kids and he now says when he is 30, but i dont want to be an old mum and i know things can become more complicated with pregnancy as you get older. how can i persuade my boyfriend to have kids before the age of 30? i know we cant predict the future and it could happen before but with some people, you dont get pregnant first time, it can be hard work to conceive and i

WDYT of these Italian names?








rate each name! middle name suggestions are welcome :)

Carlotta- 3.5/10


Carlina- 3/10

Clariss- 4/10

Michele- 4/10

Serena- 2.5/10

Stefania- 3.5/10

I love Italian names, but these I dont like much at all. What about the really classic ones like Giovanna, Vivana or Aldabella? Those are beautiful!
I love Serena :)

Serena Kate

Serena Hallie

Serena Jade

Serena Christine

Serena May

Hope this Helps :)
Camilla or Serena are my fav!
Carlotta 8

Camilla 9

Carlina 5

Clariss 3

Michele 5

Serena 4

Stefania 4
I like Stefania, Camilla, Clariss the best. For middle names I like Sophia or Marie maybe Maria. Carlotta sounds harsh when you say it.
(My scale: 1 being worst - 5 being best)

Carlotta- I don

Do i have big feet for 14 yr old boy?

im 14 im a boy and i wear a size 6 shoe and im 5`4 and i weigh 110 pounds would you call me bigfoot or not.
no way, thats small for most guys. i

Name to go with this middle name?

I want a short and sweet sounding name to go with Marie. It

What are good names for a book?

okay, so next year im taking AP english and we have to wright a story for one of the projects we have to do over my story, there are 7 main characters (there has to be), but only 3 of them are the main point....i need 7 names (4 guys and 3 girls) that are uncommon but still cute, nothing crazy...and the 3 main main characters are 2 guys and 1 girl and i would like for them to have more unique names than the others(: thankyou!!

oh and i need first and middle names(:
Guy name suggestions:

Colton Jasper

Lincoln Delmar

Jensen Riley

Levi Thomas

Kellen Sawyer

Brenden Nathaniel

Seth Bentley

Austin Carter

Dragen Malachi

Emerson Grant

Girl name suggestions:

Elvira Josephine

Ivy Francesca

Kiara Jade

Skyler Rose

Peyton Ruth

Evangeline Ruby

Laina Roxanne

Joelle Renae

Elodie Shania

Willow Octavia

WDYT of the girls name Chlo

I personally love it but WDYT?

BQ: What middle name would you put with it?

Chlo is my favorite name for little girls :)

My oldest daughter is named Chlo Rowan :)


Chlo Rowan ***

Chlo Josephine

Chlo Lilian

Chlo Genevieve (jen-eh-vee-ev)***

Chlo Scarlett

Hope this Helps :)

Subtract the unnecessary accent (which makes it Chlo-AY), and I think it


I really want to change the way it

Teens: do you share a birthday with with anyone?

My cousin has the same birthday as me, and also our house cleaners daughter ( well she isn

WDYT of the GIRL combo Belle Sophia?

I love it! It

This name or that name?

Sophie or Sophia

Natalie or Natalia

Camille or Camilla

Isabelle or Isabella

Ellie or Ella

thanks and why do you prefer it that way?
Sophie - Sophia sounds like an old name

Natalia - sounds softer than Natalie

Camille - Camilla reminds me of Prince Charles other half

Isabella - sounds softer than Isabelle

Ella - they both sound cute but I prefer Ella because I love the name Bella.
Sophie, Natalie, Camille, Isabella, Ella
I prefer: Sophie, Natalia, Isabellla, Ella.

I don

WDYT of the GIRL combo Grace Madeleine?


WDYT of the BOY combo Troy Cameron?

Very handsome.
Again, if it were switched around, as Cameron Troy, it would sound much better.

WDYT of the BOY combo Wade Alexander?

it sounds adorable(: but honostly i prefer Alexander Wade..and it sounds sweet, but when a guy is named Alexander is seems a little femine to me because of Alexandria. I like Hunter Wade and Wade Daniel and Wade Lance..

-anna payton(:
I don

Does this warrant a call to social services?

i dont want to be calling this organisation on just my own whim..but please tell me what you would do..... where i live there is an 8 almost 9 yr old child who occasionally playes with my kids....we had to send her home on a few occasions as her language is disgusting and sometimes very sexually explicit. over the past few nights shes still out in the street playing at 10 .15 pm usually alone///she wakes up in the mornings and apparently has to make her own breakfast and let herself her mother lies in bed til after midday this is no joke ... a few days ago she brought a collection of dvds around all were seriously disturbing horror ones.... and apparently she watches adult stuff please.
I would call them if i were you. It sounds like something isn

What do yall think about these names?

what do you think about these names? please rate them from 1-10, 1 being the worst and 10 the best(: and leave comments!! open to ideas and leave some names you like!! thankyou(:


Ivey Laine

Emorie Grace

Carolina Leigh(Cara)

Braylan Skye

Brenna Marie

Adaline Reese(Addie)

Harley Morgan

Reagan Elaine

Alexandra Kristen(Alex)

Alison Shailene(Alie)

Straton Elise

Nora Cheyanne

Ellen Virginia(Ellie)

Anna Claire(as a double name)


Brett Daniel

Houston Lee

Hunter Jacob

Bentley Kade

Luke William

Keagan Lane

Brison Carter

Braxton Shane

Davis Lee

for a book btw!! and OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS(:
i like the name Keagan,, its my sons name but spelled KEEGAN and im now preggo and this son will be.. a unsualy name

I like, Anna Claire, and Emorie Grace,

and Im not to fond of any of the boys names, but personally iv always loved the names Emmett and Decklan.
Ivey Laine 8

Emorie Grace 7

Carolina Leigh(Cara) 5

Braylan Skye 2

Brenna Marie 8

Adaline Reese(Addie) 5

Harley Morgan 2

Reagan Elaine 4

Alexandra Kristen(Alex) 2

Alison Shailene(Alie) 1

Straton Elise 1

Nora Cheyanne 2

Ellen Virginia(Ellie) 4

Anna Claire(as a double name) 8

Brett Daniel 6

Houston Lee 5

Hunter Jacob 4

Bentley Kade 8

Luke William 5

Keagan Lane 4

Brison Carter 3

Braxton Shane 5

Davis Lee 7

Ivey Laine - 2

Emorie Grace - 4

Carolina Leigh(Cara) - 6

Braylan Skye - 2

Brenna Marie - 5

Adaline Reese(Addie) - 3

Harley Morgan - 6

Reagan Elaine - 6

Alexandra Kristen(Alex) - 7

Alison Shailene(Alie) - 7

Straton Elise - 4

Nora Cheyanne - 8

Ellen Virginia(Ellie) - 7

Anna Claire(as a double name) - 7


Brett Daniel - 7

Houston Lee - 4

Hunter Jacob - 9

Bentley Kade - 5

Luke William - 7

Keagan Lane - 4

Brison Carter - 3

Braxton Shane - 2

Davis Lee - 4
5 - Ivey Laine

9 - Emorie Grace [love this!]

8 - Carolina Leigh(Cara)

8 - Braylan Skye

8 - Brenna Marie

8 - Adaline Reese(Addie)

9 - Harley Morgan [this is a great unisex name]

9 - Reagan Elaine

8 - Alexandra Kristen(Alex) [I like Alexandra Christine with Alexa as the nickname]

7 - Alison Shailene(Alie)

6 - Straton Elise [to me, Straton sounds more like a boys name]

7 - Nora Cheyanne

6 - Ellen Virginia(Ellie)

7 - Anna Claire(as a double name)

7 - Brett Daniel

8 - Houston Lee

8 - Hunter Jacob

9 - Bentley Kade [love this!]

8 - Luke William

8 - Keagan Lane [I love Keelan also; and the spelling Laine]

9 - Brison Carter [I love the spelling Bryson]

8 - Braxton Shane

6 - Davis Lee

Ivey Laine 10

Emorie Grace9

Carolina Leigh(Cara)5

Braylan Skye 5

Brenna Marie4

Adaline Reese(Addie)4

Harley Morgan1

Reagan Elaine5

Alexandra Kristen(Alex)5

Alison Shailene(Alie)1

Straton Elise1

Nora Cheyanne7

Ellen Virginia(Ellie)1

Anna Claire(as a double name)6


Brett Daniel 5

Houston Lee5

Hunter Jacob5

Bentley Kade10

Luke William8

Keagan Lane8

Brison Carter10

Braxton Shane5

Davis Lee 1

leighanissa caroline

i like ivey elaine,

elijah daniel

aubrey daniel

Who has school right now?


Is it too soon to have the baby itch?

I have two sons who are 6 and 1. Both pregnancies were normal and wonderful. Is it to soon for me to have the baby itch again?? I love my boys soooooooooo much and I would love to have another baby. Do you think I should wait? I love the age difference with my two and I am scared to have another too soon thinking the baby will be jealous of the new one. What do you ladies think??
My sister fell pregnant again when her first daughter was 9 months old and she adores her new sister. They play so well together and has never been jealous of her

As long as you treat the situation right and get your children involved in your pregnancy I think they will be fine

Good luck

So far I have been....?

stretch-mark free :) I am 32 weeks and 5 days along. Is there still a chance I could develop them? Thank you !
lucky duck! lol! there is still a chance you could get them because you will be doing some growing before you have the baby. i hope you don



Please rate these names (: Thanks!?

Okee dokee here are some of my favorite names. Some are different but I love them. Please rate from 1 to 10 - 1 being lowest and 10 being highest.


Would you buy your adult child a vehicle?

They needed to get to school and/or work. Or would you just tell them to catch public transportation. Me personally would tell them to take public transportation I couldn

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DId your morning sickness come everyday or...?


Thoughts on the name Leland?

It is my older brother

Pretty (Southern) girl names from the 1860s?

My character was 16 when the Civil War started and she needs a name. ^_^

No offense but please don

Cool, Weird, Uncommon, Girl names like these. . .?

Ze, Coco, Mya, Rhea, Ayna, Kendra, Yulia, . . .

Thanks!!! :D
I love Ze, Mya, and Kendra. Those 3 are really pretty.

Here are some other ideas:



















Eleni (E-LEN-E)







Justina (JUS-TEEN-UH)

Justine (JUSTEEN)





Hope I helped :)

Those are awesome! I like the name Azalea too. (It

Teens: has this ever happened to you?

Well, I

Do you ever sit back and think how lucky you are to have such appreciative children?

Things are tough as sin right now for us, heck, most of our boys existence has been a financial struggle, yet they appreciate everything we provide them with, no matter how little we spend on it. They appreciate the fact we care enough to do our best by them.

I love this.

Occasionally I lose sight of how lucky I am to have such grateful kids but am reminded either by listening to their pals complain about this or that as well as the grumblings of the kids on here bellyaching that their parents are spending so little on them.


Do you ever sit back and think how lucky you are to have such appreciative children?
I have two great kids.. Never much trouble. Oldest is in medical school doing his residency this August. He

Around what age should a baby be eating this much?

how old should a baby be before he/she eats solids 3 times a day with snacks... Basically when should I start cutting out bottles?
My son was around a year old when he was consistently eating three meals/day. He somewhat started this at 9 months but often skipped out on lunch.

Babies should be allowed to wean when they are ready to and it shouldn

Everyone took it so wrong help?

the reason we cant let the dog in the house cause my little sis she is 1 it will scratch her we did try to give it away it was to sad its hard to train him he scratches and jumps the reason we got him cause when we first got him he was really small we got him from my moms friend we didn

Why even bother telling my baby


Parents who spank there children - How many times a week do you hit on your child?

Please don

I caught my 15 kiss a boy what shall i do?

gotcha i had to put something fake up there so i can get yall to answer my question and yall fell for it but my question is how can i put my pictures on photobucket from my cell fone thanks and i also did that cause i know i will get more answers i am 17
Use a computer to go to your photobucket account. Look at the top left corner of the gray upload box where it says

What do you think of these combos for a BOY?

David Christian

Morgan Levi

Ethan Henry

Taylor Chase

Bradley Jacob

Christopher Zachary

Harper Dylan

Lance Edward

Stephen Ryan

Cale Benjamin
I actually like all of them to some extent. My top 3 are:

Lance Edward

Taylor Chase

Morgan Levi
Sounds like an orgy of homos
I think all the middle names are great but the first one are not that good

I like Lance Edward

Stephen Ryan


I like Ethan, but not Henry.

Taylor Chase is very nice, I think that

This question is for the parents who DON

How do you feel about other parents who have to hit on a defenseless child? Do you think its a mental thing or a thing of being lazy instead of disciplining the right way? I find it a major problem with alot of parents now days who do spank and i think if they actually stopped being lazy and took the time to sit down with there kids instead of inflicting pain on them there children will be better. Then they got the nerve to bash parents who don

Baby names for boys and girls?

well i


BQ- Do you have a favorite artist?
Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks. My favourite song

What do you think of these combos for a GIRL?

Marie Claire

Chloe Alexandra

Aimee Lee Katheryn

Susan Alexis

Laura Michelle

Hannah Charlotte

Daniella Ruby

Julie Caroline

Rachel Audrey

Tracy Lynne
I like all of them except...Tracy Lynne and Julie Caroline and Marie Claire because that

How can you avoid becoming a human paci for nursing baby?

how can i avoid becoming a human paci for my baby? sometimes she nurses like an hour to an hour and half between feedings. How can I tell if she is truly hungry maybe a growth spurt and just needs to eat more or if she is just hanging out and wanting to be on to use me as a paci? how can that be avoided? thanks =)
It depends, how old is she?

She might be cluster feeding to build your supply up (normal, esp. if she

Do you think my doctor will induce me at 39 weeks?

i am 38 weeks pregnant and i have to rock back n forth to pee cuz my daughter is positioned to ware its blocking me from peeing normal...i am 17 years old and want to be induced at 39 weeks not only because of the peeing but because my family has a high chance of stillborns...she has dropped and not as active as usaual n my mother wants me to be induced too so we know she will be you think my doctor would agree to inducing me at 39 weeks
My sister was induced at 39 weeks yesterday :) He was 8lbs 15oz and Im going to be 40 weeks and a day Friday and their going to induce me. She lives in FL and Im in NY it all depends on where you are and what your doctor says.
No, the doctor will not induce you for those reasons.

There is no such thing as having sillbirths run in your family and having the baby in there a few more weeks is definitely not going to make a difference in that department.

Your mother wanting you to be induced has no bearing on what your doctor will say, and my guess is that he

Who should I tell first ? How do I get a job?

So 9 months ago I started my first job waitressing at a restaurant. I was a virgin then I met the store manager. He gave me what I thought was the best sex every until then I never understood why people made such a big deal about s@X. He said it was not fair to the other employees for me to work there so I moved in with him and became a stay at home GF.

One day his best friend stop by to give my BF something, my BF was at work we had the best s@x every it blew my mind then he started coming over every day before Dr. Phil. When my BF was at work.

Well the sink broke so my BF called his nephew to fix the sink. We had the most mind boggling S@X ever. He even went down on me first I was scared but then it felt good. I think because his nephew was close to my age and 20 years younger then my bf , he had sooo much more energy. So for the last 10 weeks or so his nephew would stop over 4 days a week after Regis

Do you think it

As most of you know, i

How can you tell if a baby is nursing for comfort or hunger?

if my 5 week old has been asleep say for 3 hours when she wakes should I automatically put her on and nurse her or wait till she sows signs of hunger? sometimes she wakes up and is a little fussy but not smacking or showing classic signs of hunger.

And how can I tell if she is just nursing for comfort and Not hunger? I don

Why is this happening with my contacts?

I am asking this question in the newborn

One symptom of pregnancy is sore breasts...?

Do all you ladies whose breasts or nipples get sore also have them darken? Or does it vary from woman to woman? Anyone just have nipples that

What do you think of Ivy and Henry?

For a brother and a sister? Ivy Leona and Henry

Callum. Feel free to rate or comment. Thanks.
Ivy Leona ~ 10/10

Ivy has a very sweet, 1950s charm that makes me think of a pretty, glamorous young girl with short, black hair and bright green eyes (sort of like Elizabeth Taylor when she was younger). I think it

Name Challenge: A-Z names Boy and Girl names?

Can you guys come up with one name per letter for a boy and a girl? I can with boys names easily but I always stumble on girl names! Let

Do Babies Sleep A Lot More During a Growth Spurt?

my 5 week old has been taking much longer naps and also nursing longer. Are these good indicators that she is having a growth spurt? Also showing what seems to be some comfort nursing. It is o.k. sometimes and certainly if she needs to eat more to grow is fine but I do not want to make a habit of her wanting to be on the breast when she isn

Parents, what do you do if you are without A/C for the day?

Our A/C drain pipe is clogged :P Hence it fills up with the condensation that should be running down the pipe and overflows, which in turn makes a soggy mess of the carpet around our indoor A/C unit.

So I

What could this dream mean.?

I had a dream that someone I really like(d.?) was my boyfriend and I was really happy, but one of his relatives asked if I was soo happy just because I went out widd him...I lied and said no. please help.!
Dreams are not always just dreams, sometimes they are messages for you to help you in your real life or about anything else. But the thing is you should not discuss them publicly, you should talk about it with a family member or with a bestie. Its something personal.
Dreams are false friends don

What do you think of these names?

I am Loving the name Kellin Dewayne.

I also love the names Landyn Scott, Aadyn Ray, and Maddox Vance.

And the Girl names I like are Izybella Skye, Addyson Rayne, Emma Grace, Hayven Louise and Audrina Leigh.

What do you guys think? Any other ideas?
Kellin Dewayne: I like Kellin, i think its unique but i dont like Dewayne...

Landyn Scott: Very cute, but i prefer Landon, although Landyn is kind of cool too

Aadyn Ray: Hate the name Aadyn, so popular today but love Ray

Maddox Vance: Maddox has been growing on me and both names sound really cool together.

Izybella Skye: I think it sounds very juvinille and a name a fairy would have

Addyson Rayne: Cute

Emma Grace: Common

Hayven Louise: Not sure i like Hayven but love Louise.

Audrina Leigh: Very pretty
yeah i like them names and i like how there differnt names than you usally here :)
I absolutely love the names Aadyn Ray and Audrina Leigh.

I really think these names are unique;)
They are cute, but i would spell landyn landon-the y is too femine-and aadyn aaden, same deal.

I like Isabelle better, spelled that way.
i think you should spell them the correct way and they will be even cuter, you have the

Should You Let a 5 Week Old Sleep As Long As They Want?

my 5 week old sometimes will nap for 4 hours. Not always, naps are usually 3-3.5 hours but occasionally she

I am 7 months pregnant and i recently decided i want to take professional pictures just to have a nice memory?

of my pregnancy,,,, but since ive never done this i was wondering if anyone knows of any non expensive places around the Chicago area. I would really aprreciate if someone can help thanks so much
We had ours done at Portrait Innovations. They do have a location within 20 miles of you. Here

Do you like the names Parker and Zoe for girls?

I just recently started to really like these names for some reason... I

Becoming more and more exhausted each day at 25w3d pregnant?

I was very tired in my early pregnancy, than I hit a few good weeks where I had energy.

Now, I am soo exhausted. I can

This or That (kind of long, sorry)?

Please choose one of the first and middle name combinations out of the choices below. Please choose the one you hate the least and do NOT say both or none.

Summer Skye or Summer Elisabeth or Summer Francesca

Angelina Paige or Angelina Poppy or Angelina Hazel

Bridget Seraphina or Bridget Madeleine or Bridget Arabella

Rose Charlotte or Rose Evangeline or Rose Genevieve

Cecilia Poppy or Cecilia Ava or Cecilia Kate

Leila Penelope or Leila Eden or Leila Gwendolyn

Penelope Maeve or Penelope Fiona

Fiona Kate or Fiona Scarlett

Gloria Skye or Gloria Evangeline

Charlotte Francesca or Charlotte Arabella

Willa Cosette or Willa Brooke

Scarlett Olivia or Scarlett Eden

Jacqueline Paige or Jacqueline Nora

Anya Francesca or Anya Scarlett

Ava Genevieve or Ava Jacqueline

Arabella Paige or Arabella Juliette

Francesca Ivy or Francesca Paige

Emmaline Amira or Emmaline Nora

Jacqueline-- (jack-LEEN)

Maeve-- (mave rhymes with save)

Francesca-- (fran-CHESS-cah)

Thanks in advance... and please don

I need someones help?

What color does the name Sydney make you think of?

Or by looking at my avatar, what seems like a good color for me?
The name Sydney makes me think blue and white because of the Sydney harbor.

I think you

What do you think of this name?

I really like the name Kennedy for a girl. I

What do you think of theses name? Which is your favorite?

Monroe Elizabeth

Brielle Rose

Kennedy----undecided on middle any suggestions?
Kennedy Rose, Kennedy Brielle, Elizabeth Rose----any of these combos sound the best to me.
kennedy rose sounds theeee al tiime bestt
I like Brielle Rose
Brielle, Nice, Others not To Keen x
Brielle Rose! That is a beautiful name! (They all are) But I love Brielle Rose! (:
I agree with Ktay, I like Kennedy Rose
I LOVE all of these names! My favorite is definitely Brielle Rose!!
Brlelle Rose
I like Brielle Rose, but I also like Brielle Elizabeth.
Monroe Elizabeth would be my favorite. I

So why did this happen?


Whats a good name for a red haired , blue eyed girl?

Its for a story, she is an eleven year old girl who has gorgeous long straight red hair with bangs, and beautiful blue eyes, and light skin. She loves nature , animals,photography, and is very caring.

I have one name i sort of like and that is Summer. Do you like that name? I would like if she had some sort of nature-ish kind of name but does not have to be. Please do not recommend Scarlett, because I do not really think it suites her well.
I think of the name Aubrey or Annalise. The name Summer reminds me of just that-summer, tanned bodies, blond hair...I wouldn

Parents what do you think of this latest Y!A

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