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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A 4 year old to clean up her own pee?

Hi Im an aunty living with my niece and my sister (the nieces mum) and I have a problem

My sister has NEVER potty trained my niece who is now 4 years old! (well shes tried to potty train her only over the last year!)

Ive no kids and of course every kid is different but dont mothers usually potty train at 2 and a half years old?!

My problem is Im not happy and unsure if telling a 4 year old girl to clean up her own pee! is ok?

is that not wrong!!

Considering her mother is the one at fault for NOT potty training her when she was 2 and a half? and also just relying on the teachers to do it!! then suddenly out of the blue this year only on and off expecting her daughter to know exactly what to do!!! with not being consistent!! and then to get her to clean up her own pee - cruel?
My daughter was using the potty by 20 months, so your sister is just a lazy mother.

You can encourage your niece to use the toilet - skip the potty stage, just go right to the toilet. Let her go in the bathroom when you go, kids learn by observation - she should not have to clean up her own urine if she doesn

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