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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What do you think of these names?

I am Loving the name Kellin Dewayne.

I also love the names Landyn Scott, Aadyn Ray, and Maddox Vance.

And the Girl names I like are Izybella Skye, Addyson Rayne, Emma Grace, Hayven Louise and Audrina Leigh.

What do you guys think? Any other ideas?
Kellin Dewayne: I like Kellin, i think its unique but i dont like Dewayne...

Landyn Scott: Very cute, but i prefer Landon, although Landyn is kind of cool too

Aadyn Ray: Hate the name Aadyn, so popular today but love Ray

Maddox Vance: Maddox has been growing on me and both names sound really cool together.

Izybella Skye: I think it sounds very juvinille and a name a fairy would have

Addyson Rayne: Cute

Emma Grace: Common

Hayven Louise: Not sure i like Hayven but love Louise.

Audrina Leigh: Very pretty
yeah i like them names and i like how there differnt names than you usally here :)
I absolutely love the names Aadyn Ray and Audrina Leigh.

I really think these names are unique;)
They are cute, but i would spell landyn landon-the y is too femine-and aadyn aaden, same deal.

I like Isabelle better, spelled that way.
i think you should spell them the correct way and they will be even cuter, you have the

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