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Thursday, July 22, 2010


also do you like the name for a dog? It would be for a boy ?
It could be either male or female, but it doesn

How much would you spend on a 3 year olds birthday (presents)?

Taking into consideration we will be going away for the day (not sure where, possibly a zoo, safari park, or something like that, so that will cost 50-75)... We are not having an actual birthday party, but anyone who wants to come with us to celebrate her birthday is welcome...
Shes going to love the day out and having a day all about her, shes never going to worry about how much you spend! just a teddy or doll or a dress up outfit would prob make her just as happy as spending hundreds of pounds on her! she doesn

My girlfriend gets raped by her cousin?

My girlfriend is 15 and i

Help! i need names for a book!?

i need seven names for book!! 4 need to be guy names and 3 girls...!!

first middle and last names please!!(: and i like unique names!!(:

btw its something for a class im taking next year!!(:
Guy 1 --- Dalton Elijah Freeman or Levi Kenton Rhodes

Guy 2 --- Gordon Lucas Freeman or Bennett Jackson Rhodes

Guy 3 --- Tristan Carter Montgomery or Jensen Tyler Webb

Guy 4 --- Miles Nathaniel Crawford or Carson Elliott Bridger

Girl 1 --- Meredith Felicity Brewer or Geneva Caroline Bradley

Girl 2 --- Elodie Claire Steele or Ariel Selene Davenport

Girl 3 --- Keeley Marissa Porter or Noelle Raina Hensley

Good luck with your book! :)
Could you add a small description of their personalities so I could relate to the names a little more?


Name this beautiful family! FUN?

Meet the Dunn Family. Name each of them. (First and middle names) Follow the instructions (for the children):


1st child (12):

(First name- A noun. Ex: Lily)

(Middle name- Ends in A)

2nd child (10):

(First name- Has to do with nature. Ex: Forest)

(Middle name- Starts with E)

3rd child (5):

(First name- A gem. Ex: Ruby)

(Middle name- A month or day. Ex: January / Tuesday)


What do you think of these baby names?


Bentley Elizabeth

Isabella Naomi

Charlotte Marie

Mathilda Jane

Alyce Dakota


Elliot Douglas

Dallas Alexander

Carter John

Xavier James

Kellan Daniel

Bentley Elizabeth - It

We have had a trip planned to NC from NJ, The baby will be 2-3 months....?

Is it safe for such a young baby to be in the car for that long car ride, or should we plan it for next year instead.

Im due in December, and We plan to go see NC in Feb (Its where we would like to move in a few years)
Yes it