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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Help! i need names for a book!?

i need seven names for book!! 4 need to be guy names and 3 girls...!!

first middle and last names please!!(: and i like unique names!!(:

btw its something for a class im taking next year!!(:
Guy 1 --- Dalton Elijah Freeman or Levi Kenton Rhodes

Guy 2 --- Gordon Lucas Freeman or Bennett Jackson Rhodes

Guy 3 --- Tristan Carter Montgomery or Jensen Tyler Webb

Guy 4 --- Miles Nathaniel Crawford or Carson Elliott Bridger

Girl 1 --- Meredith Felicity Brewer or Geneva Caroline Bradley

Girl 2 --- Elodie Claire Steele or Ariel Selene Davenport

Girl 3 --- Keeley Marissa Porter or Noelle Raina Hensley

Good luck with your book! :)
Could you add a small description of their personalities so I could relate to the names a little more?


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