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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is it normal for my teenage sister to give my nine year old son sex tips?


Well "tips" no.

Informative knowledge crucial for knowing, yes.

Is it average to miss your old high school classmates?

It's been nearly a year since I graduated, and I miss my old friends. But the people I miss the most are the casual acquaintances, who I saw everyday from elementary to high school. Does anyone else miss high school.

I think this is normal, everyone goes through this. I graduated in 2000, and still till this day I drive pass by old high school, and miss it.

Yes, and no. I actually left public high school my Sophmore year and my graduating class was last year. It was a rough time for me, I missed out on a lot of high school activities and experiences that I will never be able to have. Now that everyone is in college it is a little sad since most people have uprooted and left where we all grew up.

I also miss school lunches, GR! I swear they had the best pizzas and curly fries.

The first year when I watched my brothers and sisters get ready for school that year I felt a little weirded out, and like I was forgetting something. My best friend turned out to be my sister in law, but that's a unique situation. She graduated last year, and she, strangely, has seem to have transitioned. she still hangs out with all her high school friends. I guess it depends on the person.

Yeah, I do, even though I hated it. It's better than being in the real world.

ofcourse its normal see if you can find them on myspace or facebook.

Is it expensive to play polo?

I really want to play polo it looks so sophisticated

but I only rode horses once.

My parents won't let me play because they say it's an expensive sport?


Well first of all you need to know how to RIDE before you play polo. Take lessons and after a few years, you might be to the level to where you'll be able to start learning how to play. You need to know all the cues for the horse/pony using nearly every part of your body. You need to build up muscle to hang on without giving the horse ill cues, and you need to build up enough balance and coordination. It sounds very easy but it isn't. It takes a person years before they can master even the canter. & Very few barns allow their students to play polo. You'll most likely have to buy your own horse for it in the long run.

Prices will vary depending where you live, who you use for services, what brand of things you buy, etc. You need to pay feed, farrier, dentist, worming, shots, supplement, medical, tack, supply, and apparel costs. If you're showing or gaming, you need to pay for trailering, gas money, show entries, etc. The list goes on and on.

I board my horse. I'll give you my prices as an example to give you an idea. I am NOT bragging, so please don't take it that way. We pay $2,400 a year for board alone. They provide the facilities, hay, and grain. Our dentist costs $70 for the year. Trimming costs $420 a year. Resetting shoes costs $780 a year. Worming at the least costs $240 a year. Shots costs around $226 a year. These are only mandatory costs. So in one year my horse costs us over three thousand dollars in mandatory costs alone. We paid thousands of dollars in vet bills alone last year because he injured himself. You never know when you're going to have to have a vet come out.

When I used to take lessons, they cost a little over $1,260 for the year. My instructor was very cheap.

Again, prices will vary... &they can easily go up and down each month. Everyone we use offers the services at a very cheap price compared to others' in the area. Nice, properly fitting tack alone can cost thousands of dollars. You need to have money to the side for vet costs. You also need enough money for medical bills for YOU. I have back, neck, knee, and hip injuries from riding and accidents from riding. We've spent a lot on medical bills, prescriptions, and therapy for me. Injuries are very common.

Again, I am not bragging by posting prices. I don't want it to look that way. Since you're unaware of the basic prices, I figured it wouldn't hurt. If you go to the horse section on here people post prices all the time. Just trying to give you an idea of how much owning would cost. :)

Don't let the prices run you down, though.

You can start off by taking riding lessons (which you'll need to do no matter what if you're going to play polo.) By the time you're experienced enough to play polo, you should be old enough to get a job to support all the costs that go along with it. Good luck!

First you have to have a horse. Then the clothes. Then the sports equipment. Then the insurance in case you get knocked in the head. Then you have to be REALLY REALLY good at horse back riding. Then you have to be able to keep your balance while reaching down to hit the ball. The list goes on. I think your parents are more worried for your health than anything else.

kind of, unless you already have a horse.

i'm guessing you don't.

and on top of that,

even if you had a horse, you'd have to pay for it's stable/take care of it.

and i guess lessons would cost some money.

total- yeah, it's kind of expensive.

sorry :/

it is a VERY expensive sport...sorry :/

it's really expensive.

and plus you need to take care of a horse.

Would a parent lie for a child and if so what does that teach the child?

I wouldn't lie for a child. It teaches the child wrong things. If it's something he/she might not want to hear like a pet dieing just tell the truth. It's a part of life. It teaches the child emotions and how to handle them. If the child did something wrong for you to lie for him/her it will teach the child not to do bad things. lieing is not good. It just delays the truth and teaches the child to lie.

Some parents would. Some wouldn't. (Quite obviously).

It entirely depends on the circumstances and reason for the lie, and the age and perceptiveness of the child, in response to the second part of the question. You can't really generalise with vast sweeping statements like that.

A parent should lie for the child if they want the child to lie to them.

If they don't want the child to lie to them then they shouldn't tech the child that it's ok to do that.

If the parent is dumb. That teaches the child to lie for their child and it teaches them no responsibility.

yeah I would "she isnt home now" to friends at the door. And if they are being treated unfairly in any situation. It teaches them family sticks together and has eachothers backs.

that the child should lie too thats what it teaches the child


How can I convince my parents to allow me to get a drumset?

I am extremely interested in drumming. My friends tell me I should be a drummer. I drum my hands on walls and lockers when walking down the hallway, I drum on tables...everywhere I go. I asked my parents if I could get a drumset. I offered to pay for it, because I have some money saved up from past birthdays, but they don't want me to have a drumset -- they say it'll cause too much noise. I already told them that I'd only practice with permission, and I'd stop when they asked me to, but they still won't let me have one. How can I convince them?

This is a difficult situation. I think it's great that you offered to pay for it. That's a huge and mature step. I agree with the user who said you should join the school band. I think that you should try that, and if that doesn't work, maybe borrow some drums from the school, or practice during free periods or after school. If your school doesn't have a drumset, you could ask them to rent one for you. At my high school, they rented instruments to students who wanted to use them, but only if you were in the band. So, I think you should offer to join the band, and then ask your parents to buy you a drumset so you can use it at school. Good luck!

I my self am a drummer, and my dad is too, so my parents don't care so much about the I'm more into jazz and that is less loud, and more percise...anyway I don't know how much u have, but u should talk to them about an electronic kit. They can play all different styles, and are a great investment. Better yet you can plug head phones in or turn down the volume. However they are around $1000 so...but it sounds like a great option for you.

that's a hard one but talk about getting a quieter one. or something like guitar hero

tell them you want to join the school band.. so you need an instrument.

Tell them you'll be real quiet! LOL


I'm bored right now ! But uhm , there's not really anything funny at my school that happens .

Entertain me (;

& i'll try & think of something !

Last year, during the last lunch period of school (not the last day, last three days of school are half days for finals), about 5 senior guys went streaking through the lunch area. The first one to see them was my super innocent friend who was practically in tears when she came over to where I was sitting. She saw them undressing, and it traumatized her. It was hilarious.

it happened thirty years ago, but while my friend's dad went to my school in the 1970's (which, by the way, is a super-strict catholic school) he and his friends released a ton of barnyard animals like cows, sheep, goats, and chickens, into the school (how they got them, i don't know). so there were all these animals just wandering the halls, and they brought the cows UP the stairs to the top floor, but cows apparently can't walk DOWN stairs because of their hooves or something. so the eleven cows had to be airlifted from the roof to get them out.

and i'm completely telling the truth. this really happened.

today me and my best friend were in advisory(study hall) and its well duh april fools day and she was sitting in the desk behind me and i got up to pull up my pants and without me noticin she pushed my desk and when i sat down, i landed on my butt! ouch but hilarious! (: and

one time, this is retarded but my best friend thinks it is hilarious, we were at her house sitting on the kitchen and i was messing with my hands ust playing with them and i slapped myself, funnier in real life. she thinks its hilarious. (:

also today she told quite a few people they had a red spot on their pants and they would freak out and she told the emo's she say hem cutting themselves earlier and they were like really!?? haha. (:

the entire school dressed in black and had a sit in (for no reason, and the event wsa on facebook) and we al sat in front of the main office and chanted a million random retarded things for no reason and it was awesome becuase no one (like 400 kids) didint get in trouble becuase they cant punish the entire high school..

Ha, umm one morning while me and my friends were standing around waiting for the bell to ring so we could go to first period, this drunk guy [he went to our school, don't worry] came up to us and hugged us all and he pet my hair and said "I like your hairrr, you're pretty." lol.

It was scary, but funny.

Not at my school, but in a neighboring town some of the kids released farm animals in their school. They put chickens in the classrooms and released three pigs labeled 1, 2, and 4. :D

Also, the students their once gave themselves their own snow day.

This girl crapped her pants, no lie. i swear.

it was sooo gross. she was wearing white pants, and like, she got a jacket to tie around her waist and tried to walk against the wall.

that was last year, this year, she sneeze puked on my friend!

Welll. Its kinda gross. But I have to sit next to this really chubby boy. And one time my teacher called on me, and everyone was talking. I started to explain adverbs and stuff, and he farted really loud and smelly. Everyone shut up. Lol

Today my teacher gave my friend a "detention" b/c he put a sticky note under her computer mouse so that it wouldn't work. OMG!!! he was almost crying b/c he knew his dad would be really mad and he wouldn't be able to go to the movies this Friday!!

Well because today is April Fool's day some kids were running around our school throwing bricks through windows and pulling the fire alarms for pranks. But they all got suspended because the admins called them "a danger". :) lol!

Somebody smacked this b*tch administrator that was really cruel .It was so funny she deserved it !

When the mean girl at my old school fell into the big water puddle and it was hilarious!

i dont remember we got drunk everyday

We found a mouse in the trash can and everyone screamed and stood on top of our desks?

Is it okay to just walk away from him?

Im sorry for keep posting these questions. But.. i stopped being friends with this guy, i mean we were best friends. :( and we stopped talking and i tried to fix things but he has changed so much i dont even know him. When i tried to text him he was texting my best friend (they are close friends, her and him :[) and she told that he said he didnt want to talk to me. HE has hurt me so much i cant even explain it. When i talked to my friends they say to just walk away but dont you think i should just tell him everything? Or do i just never speak to him.

i just really need some advice and support, im hurting so much

aww, i hope everything gets better. Guys are really wierd you think you know them but you really don't. It seems that while you were close to him you develped feeling for him as well. I think you should speak with him face to face about everything and try to get the issue resolved. You have to see what he says himself, not what your friend says. I mean she's close to him as well...I dunno but are you jelous that he's also close with your friend?

Well tell him how you feel it's the best route to go.

Good luck:)

If he doesn't wanna talk it means he's probably hurting too. I'd say find a way to tell him everything. Perhaps you could text him a message explaining everything, but using your friend's phone so he'll at least open the message. Then even once he notices it's you he'll most likely at least read it, and if he has something to say, he'll respond. good luck.

Me too.

If he's willing to listen, then tell him everything. If you didn't do anything wrong, then go ahead. Tell him everything.

If he's not, then all you can do is try and get over it. Sorry, I know that's very bad advice and you probably don't want to. But if you've tried, then that's all that's left for you to do.

If he's said he doesn't want to talk to you'd I'd just give him space until he's ready to speak to you. If you don't he could end up disliking you more. Try and think of the postive things in life. Friends come & go (:

do you want to be with him?

Tell him what's wrong with you, and then if you want nothing to do with him, and think he's not worth your time even if you do miss him, then just don't worry about him anymore, maybe he doesn't realized he's changed though. My boyfriend did that at one point in our relationship where he changed when he hung out with certain people, and we weren't good for a little while. But he finally realized everything and that he didn't want to loose me over stupid ****, and has changed back to the way he used to be, I love him with all my heart and wouldn't trade him for the world. (:

Hmm touch choice huh? What I do when I have a huge desicision coming at me is make a list. I make a list of pros and cons. Just get a piece of lined paper and rule a line in the centre on one side right 'Stay' or maybe 'Work Out' on the other side of the line write 'Go' or Don't work out'. Right all the reasons or staying or going each designated column. When you've put down everything you can think of no matter how stupid it may seem see which side has the most reasons and go with it.

If you decide that yes you want to work it all out then maybe write him a letter, or an email or ask a friend to ask him to meet with you at lunch or recess quickly. A letter etc maybe easier as he may not turn up when you ask him to meet with you. In the letter or email tell him how you feel, that you want to get back on track and be honest but have tact. The last thing you want to say is: "You're a mean, cruel son of a *****. Hey can we be friends again? Coz seriously it won't work. Hopefully he will read it and at least give you a chance. If he doesn't you can try a few more times but don't hassle him this will only drive him further away, it's annoying. If he flat out does not want to be friends at all you'll have to move on, it'll hurt but your heart will heal and new people will be out there waiting.

This brings me onto if you decide to go. If you do you'll probably still hurt even though this is the decision you and you alone made. Keep yourself busy hang out with your other good friends. maybe start a few projects (not school projects like set goals, like learning a new instrument) basically just keep yourself busy. Take it from me it's the best thing you can do. Just make sure you keep yourself busy and have good support from family and friends.

Good luck.

What should I do about this

Okay two girls, Bree (who I have had a friendship with on and off since the 6th grade) and Shae (who I have met at the beginning of the school year when she transferred to our school)

(Names have been changed or shorten for dignity sake)

Me and Shae have become really best friends, we do things together that teenager girls our age do. We go looking for matching outfits, we tell each other secrets, and three way with boys on the phone.

Bree is a mutual friend to both of us, but we really don't connect with her because she's jealous. She always refer to us as "best friends"

For example she'll comment my myspace pics that have Shae in it and say stuff like "Wow, look at the best friends!" And it's ok but she does it to get on our nervs!

We really want to cut this girl out of our friendship circle, but she has no other friends because of her bad attitude. We try to invite her places with us, but she doesn't want to participate. She doesn't answer our calls, but when school days come about she expects us to walk with her, because everyone is all grouped up and she would hate to walk in alone. She has her days when she's cool, but sometimes she tries to talk about us to eachother behind our backs to break up me and Shae's good friendship.

What should me and my friend Shae do about this girl? My friend Shae is a cool, relaxed person, and it takes a lot to make her angry or uncomfortable with someone. And even she said she wish Bree would stop acting so ...Weird, and Jealous, but we try to include her!

My freind Gabby has been doing that to me. Why do you want to not be friends with her. You've been friends since 6th grade so why stop now just try to include her in stuff. My friend is so mean to me. Like if Denise is going to leave for the rest of the day she'll say that she has no one to hang out with when I'm right in front of her it hurts you really bad because you used to be such good friends and then this girl comes along and ur bff forgets you even exist when she walks into the room.

You should talk to her about this. Tell her that you don't like her bad attitude, and tell her the comments she makes on your MySpace page get on your nerves.

wow you sound like a really mean person. Try doing something nice and stop having "friendship circles" its just another word for "clique"'

you have beautiful breasts

Tell her straight up to stop or the friendship will be over.

i know this isn't the answer your looking for but this story kinda makes you sound like a *****

OMG I'M IN THE SAME SITUATION but a little worse lol. my "friend" always tries to copy my best friend and I. Next time she does I'm just telling her "hey, uhm that's kinda our thing, but we could come up with something that the three of us could do"


Hi! So there%26#039;s this REALLY cute boy, and I really, really like him. I can%26#039;t stop thinking about him, and I get really nervous when I see him. We%26#039;re kind of friends, we sit next to each other in a class, and we joke around a lot. But, there%26#039;s only 1 problem, he has a girlfriend. I%26#039;m just wondering what I should do. Should I completely forget about him, and just move on, or should I just wait around until him and his girlfriend break up? I%26#039;m really confused. HELP!

Oh wow.

Listen, just be his friend.

If he likes you and you still like him when his girlfriend and him break up, than go out with him, but don%26#039;t stop talking to him just because he%26#039;s taken, obviously the chance of them staying together forever is like 2%.


How can I deal with this PERVERT stalker kid? I HATE HIM!?

Okay well there's this f****t at my school, and he likes me.

Alot. He's absolutely PERVERTED! I hate him, too, he's a POSER. He supposedly "loves girls in black" and "goth chicks are sexy" Right...

So anyway, I have to sit by the douchebag in history and it's in the very back of the room (And here again, may I express my hatred towards Miss Kingery!) And he's always complimenting me (If you could call them compliments) like saying I have big breasts and saying I have great legs, and pretty eyes, (it actually gets worse, but sort of embarrasing, so I don't think I'll share everything he said).

And today, he was like "You turn me on..." (yes, he IS actually that lame) and I was like "f*ck off, whore boy" And he was like "you know you like me back, does this make you uncomfortable?" And he put his hand on my thigh . And I was like "uh.. no" And he was like "does this?" And he put his f***ing hand on my crotch. So I slapped his hand away and spent the rest of the class on the field (I skipped just to get away from him, that's how bad it is).

So what can I do about Kevin? I hate him, and he doesn't get it. I DON'T like being treated like I'm just there for his enjoyment. Every time I'm around him, I feel violated in every way possible.

What can I do about it? (That doesn't involve homicide)?

Read your school handbook on sexual harassment.

Also, if you can record what he is saying to you, to bring to the school administration that would help your case against him. And having a witness of him touching you in a sexually matter is a big plus plus.

Depending on the school, and serious...there is all kinds of in school and out of school problems he can get into. I believe expulsion is on that list.

Is this a good allowence? 14 year old girl?

Im 14 and I asked my mom for an allowence and she finally agreed.

So anyways we dont have alot of money or anything - small house, not much stuff etc.

So i have to buy what i want by myself (i bought my own laptop which was $600 and my own ipod touch $250)

I want to save up for summer clothes. Our summer break is at the end of June...

I have $6 lol.

And my mom said she would give me..

$10 a week - i have to do do the dishes 1-2 times a day, do good in school (my average is always over � every term already though lol)

keep my room and the house tidy, vacumn and sweep every now and again, of course feed my dog and hamster and stuff like that.

Is that a good price?

when i was 15 i got an allowance of 80 dollars every 2 weeks. but my responsibiltys were alot more than yours. i cooked dinner for my enitire family every night, cleaned my whole house, watched my nephew about 12 hours out of the day (i had to homeschool to help out my sister because my brother in law had cancer). but if i wanted anything i paid for it. no more hey mom can i have money for the movies? can you buy me lunch? none of that. and my allowance went away as soon as i got a job. now im 17 and work 30 hours a week and get $450 every 2 weeks. when i was 14 though i dont think i got an allowance my parents just gave me money if i went out like 10 bucks for the movies or something

I'm 12, and I get $10 a week for taking out the recycling, cleaning up around the house, and set the table every night. We're middle class, not super-rich, not dirt poor.

I know people who get $60 a week and they're 10,

others who get $40 and they're 12.

Some that only get $3 a week and they're 14.

All depends on your financial situation and your parents' opinions.

am 18, thats pretty good, my parents only gave 5 the whole month so fell lucky that your getting 10 a week just save up and you'll get what you want and by the time you get 16 get a job and you'll get more and before you know it you'll have every thing you ever wanted

that's a pretty reasonable allowance, considering your mom's income.

i never ever got an allowance. my mom simply couldn't afford it.

my first bf and his younger brothers each got $3/week (they were 16, 13, and 11)


$40 bucks a month!!!

lucky.. that adds up to $480 a year!

You should feel really lucky that you get so much. I don't get an allowance, only every now and then (like a round holidays) do I get $20, and more for christmas and my birthday.

i'm 13 and i dont get an allowance, but i still have chores to do everyday so whenever i want something i just ask for it and my parents usually give it to me, because i help out around the house and get good grades

i have a starbucks and itunes allowance (my mom pays for everything else) of $20 per week. i dont do chores for it. so if u do all of that just for $10, i dont think thats fair. u should be getting like $50.

I'm 13. We're a rich family. I do all my chores and help my mom out. I get $00.00 a week. And if I win any prize money for competitions, my parents somehow "need change". You're lucky.

for that much $20 dollars i am 14 and get paid $20 a week but I am also pregnant and all my money goes to my child buying them things and ext. so that may be why

16 $50 a month

yeah- $40 a month thats good

13 and i get 13

14 I get 14. Lol.

That sounds good to me.

I'm 17 and I don't get an allowance, I'm just expected to do that stuff.

That's better than nothing! I'm 13 and I don't get an allowance,so your pretty lucky.

i didn't even have an allowance at your age!

lol so yes that's VERY GOOD:)!

ask her to raise the price to 15 and youll fold your laundry

i get 2 a week be grateful man

I think it is. I think you will be able to buy a lot of clothes with that, in ten days you will have 100 dollars already.

Me, well I'm 14 too, and no I don't have an allowance, I'm one of those kids that say, Hey, I want something, and get it. BUT, I do babysit when they go out on weekend sometimes.

um... not really.

im 14 and i get like 30 a week :o

and i dnt clean up at all. dad juss gives me it for no apparent eason