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Thursday, July 22, 2010

What are good names for a book?

okay, so next year im taking AP english and we have to wright a story for one of the projects we have to do over my story, there are 7 main characters (there has to be), but only 3 of them are the main point....i need 7 names (4 guys and 3 girls) that are uncommon but still cute, nothing crazy...and the 3 main main characters are 2 guys and 1 girl and i would like for them to have more unique names than the others(: thankyou!!

oh and i need first and middle names(:
Guy name suggestions:

Colton Jasper

Lincoln Delmar

Jensen Riley

Levi Thomas

Kellen Sawyer

Brenden Nathaniel

Seth Bentley

Austin Carter

Dragen Malachi

Emerson Grant

Girl name suggestions:

Elvira Josephine

Ivy Francesca

Kiara Jade

Skyler Rose

Peyton Ruth

Evangeline Ruby

Laina Roxanne

Joelle Renae

Elodie Shania

Willow Octavia

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