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Thursday, July 22, 2010

How can i persuade my boyfriend to have a baby?

i am 21 and so is my boyfriend. we have been together for nearly 3 years. we both have a decent income and we both have our own place together. having a baby is what i would like most in my life. we have spoke about it and yet again he is another fella that says he is not ready. i show him a lot of dedication and devotion and support. he says he will do anything to make me happy and he knows having a baby will make me happy but he still says he is not ready. i respect that. i understand the time, cost, hard-work and dedication it takes to bring up a child and the fact a child is for life however, i cant seem to make the idea sound good for him. he once told me he never wants kids and he now says when he is 30, but i dont want to be an old mum and i know things can become more complicated with pregnancy as you get older. how can i persuade my boyfriend to have kids before the age of 30? i know we cant predict the future and it could happen before but with some people, you dont get pregnant first time, it can be hard work to conceive and i

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