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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Do you think my doctor will induce me at 39 weeks?

i am 38 weeks pregnant and i have to rock back n forth to pee cuz my daughter is positioned to ware its blocking me from peeing normal...i am 17 years old and want to be induced at 39 weeks not only because of the peeing but because my family has a high chance of stillborns...she has dropped and not as active as usaual n my mother wants me to be induced too so we know she will be you think my doctor would agree to inducing me at 39 weeks
My sister was induced at 39 weeks yesterday :) He was 8lbs 15oz and Im going to be 40 weeks and a day Friday and their going to induce me. She lives in FL and Im in NY it all depends on where you are and what your doctor says.
No, the doctor will not induce you for those reasons.

There is no such thing as having sillbirths run in your family and having the baby in there a few more weeks is definitely not going to make a difference in that department.

Your mother wanting you to be induced has no bearing on what your doctor will say, and my guess is that he

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