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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This or That (kind of long, sorry)?

Please choose one of the first and middle name combinations out of the choices below. Please choose the one you hate the least and do NOT say both or none.

Summer Skye or Summer Elisabeth or Summer Francesca

Angelina Paige or Angelina Poppy or Angelina Hazel

Bridget Seraphina or Bridget Madeleine or Bridget Arabella

Rose Charlotte or Rose Evangeline or Rose Genevieve

Cecilia Poppy or Cecilia Ava or Cecilia Kate

Leila Penelope or Leila Eden or Leila Gwendolyn

Penelope Maeve or Penelope Fiona

Fiona Kate or Fiona Scarlett

Gloria Skye or Gloria Evangeline

Charlotte Francesca or Charlotte Arabella

Willa Cosette or Willa Brooke

Scarlett Olivia or Scarlett Eden

Jacqueline Paige or Jacqueline Nora

Anya Francesca or Anya Scarlett

Ava Genevieve or Ava Jacqueline

Arabella Paige or Arabella Juliette

Francesca Ivy or Francesca Paige

Emmaline Amira or Emmaline Nora

Jacqueline-- (jack-LEEN)

Maeve-- (mave rhymes with save)

Francesca-- (fran-CHESS-cah)

Thanks in advance... and please don

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